The End Of Humanity – Second Coming And Ego Illusion Fading Away

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We only need to welcome the Last Judgment without fear of condemnation by God. God does not condemn; only egos do.

The Second Coming will end the lessons The Holy Spirit teachers, making way for the Last Judgment. The lessons and guidance of the Holy Spirit will no longer be needed, as we all will extend inward to God.

For the time being, let’;s not place fear in God, only love. It is the Holy Spirit in the mind of both the receiver and the giver where the gift abides. You have been given His lessons, and they continue, guaranteed by God, who we are of.

When humanity’;s idea or dream of separate identities comes to an end, the second coming of Christ is what we will see. Bot a physical body. It will be when we all finally see we are all of the One Mind, God, and having released ourselves from ego-madness. It will be when the ego-based mind of illusion has totally faded away.

The awakened mind

The Holy Spirit asks your help, since He is of you. Whenever your thoughts are lured to illusion that still attracts you, enter into a holy instant – the timeless presence you truly live in. He needs only your willingness to know that your own free will is also God’;s Will.

These truths, and eternity, are what the Last Judgment will show us; there will be no punishment as the ego has taught us. Rather, we will give a sigh and smile of relief that truth is finally accepted. It will put an end to all this nonsense, and judgments made from perceptions.

Christ’;s second coming is as certain as God, but does not Involve the appearance of some man or woman. The Second Coming will be the gathering of all minds, including the mind of our elder brother Jesus, who tried to show us the way out of the idea of ​​sin, something we could never fully understand.

We will finally realize we have not been separate at all, but always been of the One Mind of Creation– which is God.

A Course in Miracles helps us to understand in this statement, "All that will remain is the whole Christ." This is when we will see the face of Christ in ourselves, and in everyone we encounter. Oneness will be finally recognized, and we will step up to seeing good is all there can ever really be.

Understanding this helps us not to be afraid of our true potential.

For the Second Coming to arrive, it needs our full potential , our real voice and our willingness to help each other recognize God’;s will, so we can join together. We will finally see that there has always been plenty of food to feed the hungry, for example, and plenty of housing to shelter the homeless, without making judgments of their capabilities.

It is His task to make your willingness, perfect willingness.

The Holy Spirit’;s perfect faith in your true free will becomes your faith in Him. Out of the recognition of your own willingness, His perfect willingness will be given to you.

Since the dream of separation began millions of years ago, or an instant ago, the physical universe has been expanding, but now will start to contract. There will be one final contraction, one final heart beat, one last breath of air, that ends the dream. The dream of separation will be no more, as our minds will be at Home with God, just as they have safely been all along.

Gifts of the Holy Spirit

Once you have this understanding, what concern, then, can the Voice for God probably have about how you use His gifts?

A Course in Miracles further states, "A holy instant is all it will take, wherein God, the Son, and the Holy Spirit are known by you as One Mind."

This will be full Atonement which we’;ve also not fully understood, and see this as the invitation by God for the split-mind, or, thoughts of separate identities to be completely healed.

The completed Atonement is the "shield" and the "sword" worn by the whole Son (Child) of God, which has witnessed all minds being as one.

To your full potential