The Motivation That Drives Your Motivation

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What is it that makes some people into super achievers while others can barely get themselves out of bed in the morning? Is there a secret sauce that the top performers use that the rest of us do not know about?

After many years of study the thing that has become clear is that achievers have two characteristics that make them into winners. Neither is particularly difficult to acquire, it is simply that they require some time and consideration.

The first trait is that these people know what they want and it is important to them to get it. Their reason why for getting their results is bigger than any inconveniences that may occur as a result of driving for them. In other words getting the goal has been prioritized and made the most important thing that they do.

This seems obvious at first glance but the more interesting question is what is it that that allows the super achiever to prioritize things this way? The answer is their values ​​have been put into a hierarchy either naturally or they have been structured that way.

At this point it will be useful to define what values ​​are and what they do. Values ​​are what is important to us not just on an intellectual level, but also on an emotional and psychological level too. Values ​​are what we use to evaluate whether or not we will do something and are part of our internal planning mechanisms. We use values ​​to decide if our actions fit our own moral code of what is right and good. They also serve as a measure for actions we have completed already. Do we measure up to our own values? Values ​​are what keeps us civilized and are sometimes the basis for all the good things that happen. It can always be argued that course, good is according to which?

The super successful march to a different tune to many other people. This may be part of the reason that the wealthy are so resented by the less fortunate. People who are motivated to go beyond the norm are not understood by those without those values. They literally operate using a different system that is motivated by different goals and values.

What is it that decides which values ​​you use in life? In theory we are free to adapt and use any values ​​we choose to. I believe the answer is cultural and based on the socio-economic strata you grow up in.

Imagine a person who primary need on any day is to make sure that there is enough food for them self and their children. If their circumstances are such that they have no spare income or time to acquire other financial skills, then their values ​​will be based on that "reality". The values ​​will be very different indeed to those of say a stock broker. This is why almost all coaches suggest that people who want to achieve things associate with those who have already got what they want to achieve. It is not just to learn the behaviors of those they wish to emulate but also their values ​​as well.

In summary it can be said that the over achievers use a different operating system based on knowing their goals and having values ​​aligned with those goals. The goals while not dependent on environment often have their roots in the up bringing of the individual. Upbringing can not be changed but unfortunately thinking and values ​​can be.