The Passion Factor

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After all said and done, the success of your organization will be dependent on the "Passion Factor." The passion of your employees to work enthusiastically and give their very very all to something they see as more than just a job – a cause. If your organization does not reach this level, you wont win in today’;s competitive marketplace. You will certainly get along and do the-business-as-usual things. But you wont achieve great ends. This is the power of the passion factor.

Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel, a German Philosopher and inventor remarked, "Nothing great in the world has been accomplished without passion". He was simply saying, regardless of all that a person or group of persons may have painstakingly accumulated in the realm of core competency and the likes, the proof of your commitment to success lies in backing all these wonderful values ​​with passion. Passion still remains the key to greatness.

In his timeless work, Good to Great, one of the 3 key values ​​espoused by Jim Collins to which corporate greatness was attributed the passion factor. And I will be devoting a lot of thought to this subject matter in the coming weeks.

So, what then is passion? Within this context of achievement and performance, passion is the Unquenchable Burning Desire to Achieve, Again and Again and Again … To broaden our horizon on this subject I will provide us with the following passion perspectives but bear in mind the fact that the essence remains the same.

oPassion is a powerful, intense emotion

oPassion is about being a fan

oPassion is workplace electricity

oPassion is enthusiasm

oPassion is intensity

oPassion is an obsession

oPassion is possession

oPassion is zeal

From the above passion perspectives, it is very clear that passion is a motivational factor. And like other motivational factors for success, passion must be ignored. People must be stimulated to reach deep within themselves to find a cause they will commit to; to find and stick to a vote they love; to excitedly work for organizations that epitomize their innermost desires; to promote brands that evoke their delight.

If you do not feel these emotions towards the things you are currently doing at work, or for the company you currently work for, then it is time to move on and find something you are passionate about. Because you will never attain greatness working at what you have no intense emotion for. And no organization will reach its full potential if it has within its merits a sizeable number of employees without what I call "Organizational Enthusiasm". For people must work at jobs or causes they love and they must do it for companies they feel strongly about. It works both ways.

Organizational Enthusiasm is the employees’; love for the company they work in. It is a microcosm of what true patriotism is actually about. It is a strong feeling for the company’;s name, its values, its brands, it’;s people, and it’;s all. HR overseers must consistently look out for this factor in the course of their people evaluation processes and act accordingly to ensure there is no deadwoods within their promises. And who is a deadwood? He that is devoid of passion. See you next week.