The Secret to Making Money Online – 3 Common Mistakes to Avoid

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The unemployment rate is climbing and the economy is spiraling further and further into a recession. What to do, what to do? People are flocking to the internet in droves looking to replace the income that they have lost or looking to supplement their income with some quick and easy cash. Regardless of ones motivation, everyone is searching for the secret to making money online. Want the secret? The "secret" to making money on the internet is that it is not as easy as some people think it is.

Making money online is possible. Thousands of people are doing it right now, doing it on a daily basis, and doing it as full-time income. The people who are making a healthy living through the internet account for about 5% of all the people who ever attempt to make a living online. That means that around 90% to 95% of the people who attempt to make a living from the internet fail. The reason that beginners fail so miserably is due to lack of guidance, which leads to poor choices, which results in serious mistakes from the start.

As a beginner, if you make early mistakes in the beginning, your chances of success decrease with every misstep. The following are the 3 most common mistakes to avoid.

1. Picking the wrong program or method: As a newbie, there are valid, good programs and methods to use to get you started making some decent money online. Unfortunately, a very common mistake is that beginners pick methods that are designed for advanced, experienced internet marketers. This mistake is very serious as it immediately sets a tone of frustration and failure.

If you are just beginning, avoid anything related to SEO, CPA, PPC or PPV. These are lucrative ways to make money online but not if you are just starting out. Do not know what those acronyms refer to? For now, do not worry about it because they are advanced techniques.

Do not attempt to make money filling out surveys or questionnaires, reading emails, participating in MLM (Multi-Level Marketing), or "Shop to Earn" programs. 99% of these programs are scams and a waste of your time. The only people who make any money from these programs are the people who promote them.

A simple, easy and effective method that is recommended for beginners is a program called affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is about promoting other peoples products and making a commission from the sale. Free techniques are available to market and promote these products which is user friendly to those with a limited budget.

2. Picking a program and not sticking with it: A lot of beginners pick the right program but lack follow through. They stray from the current program because a week or two has gone by with no sales. Once you choose a program, focus and work only that program. Do not get distracted with other offers or the newest latest and greatest program. Do not attempt anything else until you are making money from your original program. A ton of money can be made online and the secret to it is effort and working at it.

3. Information Overload: As a beginner you must educate yourself by reading and researching different programs, methods, and self-proclaimed "gurus". Do not make the mistake of reading every sales letter that comes your way or trying to absorb every strategy. Doing this will cause information overload and will distract you from your goal of making money online. Too much information is just as dangerous as no information. Both can result in no action being taken because there is no clear path to follow.