Time Management Strategies – How to Positively Overcome Your People Pleaser Time Gremlin

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Time management strategies must address your personal challenges to be truly effective. Countering your Time Gremlins wins you still more time. Is not it a delicious feeling to break free of them?

They are, of course, a part of you, and can only be opposed when you take the time to get to know them. They grow out of your history, your values ​​conflicts and unfinished business. Yet they can most certainly be overcome. I think it’;s great news that your time Gremlins are completely dependent upon you in order to survive. They can only thrive by using your energy. And they do so by hitchhiking rides on your plans, trying to scoot under your radar.

Granted, These Time Gremlins are clever … But believe me, you can be smarter! It’;s best to take them on one at a time, so I’;ll start with one of the most widespread ones.

The People Pleaser Gremlin

The People Pleaser Gremlin wheedles you into empowering others. So it’;s most helpful to understand your motivation in undering yourself this way.

  • Do you doubt your ability to proceed independently?
  • Do you try to win people’;s favor in the hope of receiving some reward?

These are common concerns. Yet when you value others’; priorities over your own, you forfeit your ability to plan effectively.

Apply The Antidote for the People Pleaser Gremlin

To apply the antidote to the People Pleaser Gremlin, ask yourself these questions. Then jot down each answer in a sentence or two:

  1. What is the worst thing that can realistically happen if you meet this challenge?
  2. When you put yourself first, what new challenges will you face?
  3. In what way will meeting these new challenges help you grow?
  4. How will you become more clearly defined?
  5. What is your very first step that you can perform in a single sitting?

Take that all-important first step as soon as you possibly can! Remember that courage gains with action. And Time Gremlins lose their power as soon as you stop believing in their distorted messages.

You will receive a number of additional benefits when you develop more self-reference:

  • Your ability to prioritize will increase, because you’;ll be paying more attention to yourself and less attention to others.
  • Your ability to follow through on your priorities will improve, too, because you will not be re-routed by others’; demands.
  • Interestingly, you will find people respect you more and trust you more, because they will sense your growing authenticity. Furthermore, you will not be as likely to overbook yourself and then fail to follow through.

One of the most profound discoveries about taking back your power from your time Gremlins is that you not only have more time – you also have more of yourself.

So what is your next step to really take your power over your time into your own hands?