Tips To Stay Motivated – Need to Lose Weight?

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Getting into consistent body building work outs require a certain amount of discipline. Most beginners in body building will embody this discipline at least for a time. There are many who are initially motivated by the new venture in exercise programs and diets but eventually hit a wall at a certain point in their body building routine.

It is very important to remember that body building does not happen overnight and in fact can take months of disciplined exercise and dieting. Thus, patience is essential in order to achieve the muscular and sculpted body that one is aiming for.

So what do you do in order to maintain your enthusiasm and motivation every time you face the bench press and lift the dumbbell? Here are a few things you can try to keep the spirit alive and kicking.

Develop a structured workout plan and chart your progress

It always pays to plan ahead, to have a structured goal and to plan the steps you will need to go through to reach that goal. When it comes to body building, tracking progress often helps with motivation. This is because there’s a goal to aim for and most goal getters will have something to focus on. Some goals may include reaching a number of desired repetitions for a specific exercise or aiming to lift heavy weights.

Find an exercise buddy or instructor

Things are always more fun when there’s another person to keep you company or even to have a friendly competition with when working out. Having someone like a trainer to help keep you motivated or having your closest friend exercise with you will surely help make every exercise regimen feel less of a chore. Buddies can even make a bet on who will shed the most weight or gain the most muscles first. These small, friendly competitions will help spice things up inside the gym. Always strive to make every gym session fun to minimize exercise burnout.

Keep an old picture of your flabby self

Keep an old picture of your flabby self in your locker to remind you of what you looked like before and to make a promise to yourself never to return to that unhealthy state again. Look in the mirror and see the difference of how you presently look and how you looked before. It should make you feel good and give you enough tips to stay motivated and continue with your exercise regimen.

Change exercise venue

When the gym starts to feel too cramped and boring, try other activities such as running in the park or swimming. A change of scenery and exercise venue usually helps keep the fun in exercising.

Reward yourself

You should learn how to reward yourself properly every few weeks or months of maintaining several sessions of consistent body building work outs. The reward could be in a form of a massage, a nice fancy healthy dinner or even shopping for new clothes fit for your new physique.

I have prepared very powerful body building techniques below, enjoy!