To Be Genuinely Inspired We Need the Love, Strength and Power of Almighty God

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We need strength to love, make good decisions, resist temptation, and serve with compassion.

The Psalmist declared, "I love you, O Lord; you are my strength".

Samson is a byword for being strong, but his strength lay not in his muscular attributes. He was no ‘;Charles Atlas’;.

He raised city gates, killed a lion with his bare hands, and broke roads that bound him, but he was not very strong on the inside.

Samson was very different from Gideon, being raised in a godly home, and prepared for a life of significance and purpose, yet, he shows us how not to let our strength become our weakness.

Strong people develop strong motives, good and bad.

Samson could lead an army, acting when he was angry, or when motivated by revenge.

Anger and revenge do not afford good motivation for life.

With wrong motivation you can get things done, but in the end it can all fall apart.

We are not born with great and strong motives. We have to develop them.

Disciples of Jesus are called to serve and love because he first loved us.

Strong people depend upon others. Samson lacked support at times because he never asked for help.

Samson knew when the Spirit of God was upon him. He began in the Spirit, but he succumbed to temptation, compromising towards the flesh and the physical.

Gideon needed more strength than he initially had and he received all he required.

Samson abused and misused what he had received.

Who do we need to look to for strength and support, and who do we need to strengthen?

A word of encouragement can be the greatest way of strengthening those around us.

Paul was forever going around encouraging people in Christ.

Yes, some people can live for a month on a word of encouragement. I used to find that with Prison officers when I shared with them something I had heard they had been doing that was helpful to others.

There are many people around who seldom receive a word of thanks.

If you know of someone who has done some deed or act of kindness or kindness be prepared to go out of your way to speak a word of appreciation.

Disciples of Jesus Christ are taught to give thanks in whatever situations and circumstances that find themselves. We read that in Paul’;s letter to the Thessalonians believers.

when you are grateful and when you give thanks and express thanks it can change and transform the whole scenario. It has to do with attitude and grace and forgiveness and mercy and love – and the presence of God the Holy Spirit.

"Loving Father, help me where I go to be prepared to speak a word of thanks and appreciation when the situation is right and appropriate. hear me as I pray in the Name of Jesus Christ, my Savior and Lord. "