Too Much of a Good Habit Can Be a Bad Habit

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It is a common thing for good habits to escalate into bad habits, something that often happens when good habits become an obsession. This is a good reason why people should keep an eye on their own behavior, even when it may seem to be totally productive.

Someone who likes to have things the very best can come across as a very upbeat person, which may be true, at least until he takes it to the extreme. When his supervision turns into finicky perfectionism, the good habits have morphed into bad habits. Once it has come to a point like that, it is hard to resolve the situation.

Neatness is a good thing, but sometimes a person can turn it into a bad habit. They start out on the right foot, being plenty nice about keeping things neat and tidy and being willing to do whatever work it takes to keep it that way. But then they go to the extreme and begin making a fuss over every little smudge or spot of dust. On top of that, they expect everyone else to be as concerned about it as they are.

Similar situations that can evolve from these are how certain people with good saving practices turn it into bad habits. It can be how a person determines to save money for future needs, or sudden emergencies. They open a savings account, or any account where they can securely stash money as, and then begin to deposit money into it.

If unbalanced judgment begins to take root, it can turn into a bad habit as they get carried away with saving money in every possible way and end up acting like a miserable. This kind of person can be someone who will not keep their children in new school clothes because they are tucking the money away in savings. Or they can be a person who lets his car break down every other week rather than letting loose a little money in upkeep, all because he wants to build the saving up as much as possible.

A situation similar to this takes place when a person begins to buy in bulk. To start out with, some may insure themselves that they are just getting plenty of stuff to have on hand. However, it could get out of control and not stop at a reasonable point. If it has turned into an obsession, which is the complexity of a bad habit, a person may not stop until all their closets, their basement, garage and attic are all filled with extra food, cleaning supplies and other necessities. They end up with so much food that it will go bad before they can get around to eating it all.

Some may wonder how a concern for others can in any way lead to bad habits. A thought person who is generous and kindhearted, and displays a concern for the well-being of others could develop a habit of putting the needs of others above his own, which to some it may look good, but to others it could look bad, hence a "bad habit." This could lead to many different psychological problems for this type of person.

Maybe you have at some time heard the cliché, "There is never a dumb question." In mingling with others at school or at work, people are generally encouraged to ask questions. However, when people begin to ask too many questions, aimlessly and with no real purpose, it then becomes a bad habit. This can get out of hand sometimes, almost to the point where no work can get done. At times it might be better to take it up yourself to figure things out for yourself.

This demonstrates that going to extremes are usually bad habits waiting to happen. Sure, be a considerate and respectful person, but do not do it at the expense of your own welfare. Keeping a saving account is a good idea, but just make sure your family is well provided for. Do not let your good habits turn into bad habits and begin to complicate your life.