Two Reasons You Can not Run Without The FT60 Polar!

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The FT60 HeartRate monitor, made by Polar, is one of the best selling monitors on the market today for many reasons. Fitness buffs love this cardio tool, but even if your a beginner there are many reasons why you should buy the FT60. Why?

Features, Features, Features, Did I Say Features?

The FT60 Heart Rate monitor comes loaded like a loaded baked potato, with features aim to improve your health and provide a challenge and give motivation. It’;s basically a personal trainer you take with you everywhere. The Polar Star system on the FT60 is a personalized training program that gives you weekly goals and stimulating feedback on your resulting workout. This feature alone is a good reason to buy the FT60, but it also comes with other functions like OwnCal, which shows how much energy was used and will accumulate the calorie total through several workouts. The FT60 HR instrument also has the OwnZone feature and the ZonePointer, a great audio alert that tells you where your heart rate is inside aa target heart zone.

Functionality? You Got It Baby!

Yes, the Polar FT60 HR monitor is one of the manufacturers best monitors. Want to know your heart rate? The FT60 will tell you, and can do it in different ways. See you heart rate displayed as beats per minute as well as measuring your high and low rates. It will also display your average heart rate and also has a recovery cardio mode. Being able to monitor your exercise progress in this way, your awesome and very attainable, target zones are easier to reach and your results are fantastic!