Use UNIQUE Leadership and Motivation to Build a Network For Your Home Based Business

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Leadership by example is indeed rare to find in network marketing and this could actually open up an opportunity to gain competitive advantage. Do something that almost no one else is doing. Do something unique.

You could choose some specific type of advertisement and run a campaign for a period of time. When you have recorded the success from the campaign, go on and train every person in your team to use it and to take advantages of your methods.

By showing real leadership to your team you will get your members to follow you further and maybe they will even recommend you to others. Lead your members in the right direction and let them discover what works and what don’t.

Do you have the motivation? You will need a lot of will power, eagerness and some sort of intent to succeed in internet marketing. Without an underlying emotional drive, whatever it is, you will reduce your chances for success.

Search for new ways to motivate yourself; a better life for you and your family, education for your kids, a new house, a new car, vacation etc.

To succeed in network marketing you need traffic to your web site. You need to constantly drive fresh traffic, people, into your system…..and make them stay. By training them, let them take advantages of your knowledge and wisdom and, finally, let them use your successful methods, they will stay put with you.

You could start off by offering them a basic course in network marketing, or create a manual, and then you keep feeding them with more and more in depth stuff. If your goal is to recruit members to your team, you should give this away for free. Don’t forget to put your contact information into these courses and manuals. Make yourself accessible.

You are the team leader and you need to motivate your own network. What are your member´s needs and how can your network be a solution for them? Be enthusiastic and motivate by example, just as you do by leading by example. Let them see what you preach and practice works.

As a matter of fact you could also build your network from offline methods. One way is to design a flyer, which focuses on a problem – solution model, and post it in public places. You can make business cards and leave them at strategic places or you can try to get to speak at a seminar event. Anyway you will make yourself visible and gain credibility.

When you have obtained some sort of success, and maybe become a millionaire, it is easy to get laid back and think that you know it all. You have done everything, achieved what you wanted and there is nothing more to learn.

If you really are at this stage you most likely have created a so called downline, your team members, which you have recruited into your network. Don’t forget that even you were recruited once and that you, indeed, also have an upline. The person who found you….what did he do to train you to become the success you are today?

To train and educate your downline is your big challenge and opportunity. Make everyone of them become the same marketing star as you are. Copy any successful strategy that your upline has used and implement it in your downline.