Ways to Motivate Your Student to Enjoy Violin Lessons

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Having been in the music education industry for many years, I have come across a wide range of violin students who aspire to learn to play the violin. These students range from age three years old to seventy five years old. Whether it be violin lessons for kids or violin lessons for adults, being able to motivate them as a teacher, or as a principal of a music school is very important. There are many ways to motivate students so they continue to practice and enjoy playing the violin. These methods work well when you are a private violin teacher, or an anxious parent eager for your child to progress well musically.

For violin students below the age of twelve, the best method is to reward with stickers or a small gift such as a pencil with music clef and notes. Even though the reward is not expensive, these work very well! We keep a big variety of stickers in our music school. When our music teachers conduct violin lessons for kids, they take these rewards out and give a sticker or a prize to each student when they play three songs in perfect tempo. Some teachers may opt to reward with more stickers or small gifts as a milestone is achievably musically by the student. There are many creative ways to go about this.

A second way to motivate your student to enjoy violin lessons for kids or violin lessons for adults is to structure your music lessons for groups of three or five students. Students taking music lessons in a group environment provides social support to each other. Even if our students learn the violin under one-to-one coaching, we encourage them to take part in string ensemble or orchestra performances. These provide an excellent environment for our students to play the violin better.

A third way to motivation is to involve your students in recitals. Challenge your students with more difficult pieces to practice for each recital. Preparing for each recital gives your student a sense of responsibility and when completed, your student will feel a sense of accomplishment. Your student will also learn to handle nerves and this is good he or she take the ABRSM examinations.

A fourth way to motivate your student is to encourage him or her to go to classical concert performances. Listening to other violinists perform live, can be very stimulating. We need to help our students find their violin "idol" so they can aspire to play as well as them!

Alternatively, listening to classical music on CD or watching a performance on the television is also a good substitute.

Now that I have given you some pointers in motivating your child or student to learn to play the violin, I hope you will act on it. Good luck!