Weight Loss God's Way – Review

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If you are not having much luck in getting to lose the extra luggage by dieting the usual way, sometimes it is time to rethink the process a bit. Being fat is something you may have had to deal your whole life but if you are planning on cutting out the flab, getting on to the latest diet program by itself is not going to make it happen. Let me see if I can simplify it further. Imagine you are a smoker and asked to go cold turkey just like that. While it is difficult to cut out the smokes it is not an impossible goal, quite a few people have done so. But when it comes to food and the normal diet you stick to, from burgers to pizzas, cutting these items out is going to be all the more harder. You are bound to come across others splurging themselves in the same and this is going to keep eating at your will to desist.

Once you have made the decision to diet, you will need to approach it on a war footing. For starters, you will need a firm belief in yourself, in god and anything positive. Sounds like a line out of Jay Leno’;s show, does not it? But here the nub, if you do not believe in yourself, can you hope to accomplish any goal leave alone a life changing one such as dieting. Furthermore, with a strong belief factor, you will be more focused. Motivation and motivational factor happens to be popular theme, you are bound to come across tonnes of online content on the same. Some of the content may seem ridiculous but a few do provide info on the whole belief system and how to make it work for you. As inane as it may seem most of the billionaires did not get to the top of the ladder by sheer brains, but rather they have all that extra factor weighing in their favor. You can call it belief or the X factor, either way it is out there and given that, you may want to take a look at the weight loss god’;s way.

On the outside, weight loss god’;s way is a little hard to digest but then again, any content on belief and motivation is a little hard to swallow on the first go. But the facts speak for themselves; you do need to believe in yourself and something better than yourself if you hope to succeed in life, not just at dieting. This 207-page book does provide detailed content on the whole belief system and comes with a 7-week program including 87 success exercises. This book does enable you to address some of your core belief systems and in turn, should allow you to tackle any issue from weight loss to anything under the sun. You may have come across a few of the points contained here but the rest is unique.

I have to say that this is one strange dieting package. Look at it this way; at least this package does not require you to consume wheat juice by the liter. Any, for a new take on weight loss and a rework of your belief system, you may want to check out this book.