What It Takes to Truly Inspire and Motivate

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Being a motivational speaker isn’t an easy job. It takes special persuasive and rhetorical skills to make people change their attitude about their work and lives in general and if you are unable to do that, then you can’t call yourself a motivational speaker. You may as well just have dished out some sensible advice that they’ve all heard before and be done with it.

When you go online, you’ll find many articles about how to become a motivational speaker and how to become the best one but the thing is, the secret to being a powerful and effective speaker is not just to be an expert on your chosen subject matter, but also to be passionate about it. This is why famous motivational speakers get hired, why companies and organizations pay them to travel around the world and stay in swanky hotels – it’s because they have unique things to say and are very, very good at putting something else in a way no other person can that propels people to do the same.

When you are able to compel people to do what you are saying, when you are able to not just make them realize what they are doing wrong and actually make them want to change so they can do something about it, then you can call yourself a motivational speaker. The achievements, the awards, the recognitions and the accolades you’ve gotten in your life, the ones you use to make yourself look credible to people, all that doesn’t matter when you aren’t passionate about what you’re talking about.

When you cannot make people relate to you, make them believe you when you say that they have it in them to achieve any goal they have, to reach any dream they want, then you need to do some reevaluating and think about whether or not you are really meant for this. Maybe you need to be motivated yourself. The thing is, if you are truly passionate about something, other people become passionate about it too. This passion drives them to believe you and what you are trying to say.

In case you hadn’t noticed, we all enjoy a shot of inspiration every now and then. Most of us are suckers for inspirational stories because it makes us feel good and yes, they motivate us to change and make us want to be like the people featured in these stories. But it’s not really how these stories were told that inspires us but rather the passion that the people in these stories displayed. Their passion is actually the motivating factor and not how their story happened.

So as a motivational speaker, you begin with listing down everything you are passionate about. Begin with that idea, and then hone your craft. Write your books, prepare your speeches and it will all take off from there.

However, just because you are passionate about certain subjects doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take care of the technical stuff as well. You should also be able to present yourself well and know how to relate to people positively even if you are giving constructive criticism. Speaking with a smile often gets better results than delivering speeches with a frown – people will just not want to hear what you want to say.