What Motivates You and How Do You Stay Motivated?

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How many times have you heard of "Are you tired of working a dead end job?" Or do you think that you will never get the promotion on your job? It is important for you on your life’;s journey to know what motivates you.

Beyond the common norms of what may motivate you more than a relationship, more than a car, or money. Your motivation should center around the old adage that one should do something that they enjoy doing even if they did not get paid for it. Motivation is something that is an incentive or drive. The idea of ​​being motivated with the thought that someone will move forward in their life or that you may see someone achieve their own goals can be rewarding and satisfying. However, motivation should be viewed upon as if you work hard for something that you desire it will motivate you to reach your goal. Some suggestions for you to find out on what motivates you would be to sit down and write down three things that you enjoy or dreamed about. Usually if you dream about it, it is what motivates you. Once you write it down then look to see what you are currently doing even if its one thing that is assisting you in shaping your motivation.

Next, if you discover that you are not doing anything than find an organization that you can volunteer with your time. After you discover your motivation find a way to create a part time business or hobby that you can share with others. It is a strong possibility that if you enjoy doing it than someone else will too. Motivation should inspire and move you to the point that if you can change a life or help someone to do better in their process than you may be well on your way to discovering who you are and what motivates you. Keep in mind that doing too much at one time can have a negative impact on you because you can end up overwhelmed with trying to discover yourself.

Once you discover your motivation, go ahead study, read and understand the motivational aspect for you will become greater over time. Motivation is more than someone yelling at you telling you that you can do it, but it is when you can see the goal without having it. Great, if I am telling you, you can do it, but it means so much more when you know that you can do it by believing in yourself.