Why Do I Need a Personal Empowerment Statement?

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A personal empowerment statement (PES) is a sentence or a very short paragraph that concisely describes your strengths, values, and purpose in life.

It’;s different from an affirmation. An affirmation is a sentence of who you want to become or how you want your life to change. A personal empowerment statement, however, is a phrase that describes you as you are and how you can apply your natural strengths and values ​​in life.

A personal empowerment statement is a psychological tool to be used to keep you focused and aware of yourself. It may look like ‘;only words on a paper’; similar to an affirmation, but this tool is designed to change your overall psychology.

"Why do I need a Personal Empowerment Statement?"

We know that when it comes to achieving our personal goals (no matter how big or small), more than half of the power comes from our psychological state. An optimistic and a determined mindset is essential for success, whereas a negative one rarely produces significant achievements.

Because a PES is based on evidence of your past successes, this sentence has more power than just to keep you positive, it helps permanently boost self-esteem and confidence, self-trust and your motivation and commitment level.

When you’;re facing a fork in the road, having a clear PES will help you make the right decisions. Most importantly, if the decision does not turn out as you’;ve imagined, there will be limited guilt and regret because your actions and decision were aligned with who you are.

And because many women are conditioned to think negatively (even though they’;re hiring them because they’;re being positive), a PES will help them stop their sabotaging their effort to achieve what they want.

How do I create a Personal Empowerment Statement?

A PES is based on factual information and evidence. It’;s based on everything you have done in the past as opposed what you ‘;think’; you are like.

It’;s comprated of your strengths and values ​​and then combined to state your passion.

  • Come up with a list of 10-15 success from your past.
  • What strengths were necessary to achieve these successes?
  • What personal values ​​made these successes feel important to you?
  • Now put this sentence together. For example:

I am _ (strength) __, _ (strength) __, _ (strength) __, who enjoys _ (core value) __, _ (core value) __, and _ (core value) __, because _______________________________________________________________.


I am a mentor, a great communicator, and a motivator, who enjoys helping others, sharing my wisdom, and contributing to humanity because I wish to empower people in order to leave the world in a better place than I found it while attaining personal fulfillment .

Can you see how an empowerment statement such as the one above can remind you of your top strengths and your guiding principle and how can you use them to complete you purpose in life?