Willingness Is A State of Mind – What Are YOU Willing to Do

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There are endless examples of people we personally know

or read about who against seemingly insurmountable odds

achieve whatever they set out to do. Success is never an

over night occurrence.

Entrepreneurs and researchers invest years of time, money,

and effort to produce the results they want. Aspiring movie

stars, artists, and musicians starve before becoming

internationally known. Many politicians get defeated in

numerous campaigns before the public accepts their

platform. Authors describe being rejected over and over

before a publisher accepts their manuscript.

What separates those who persevere from those who give

up? I believe the key is “willingness”. It is one’s

willingness to do “whatever it takes” to reach a goal that

ultimately produces the desired results. The journey one

travels to bring reality to a cause or a career is irrelevant.

What is relevant is that people who reach their goal know

quitting was never an option! I suspect in every situation

it was one’s belief in his or her success that outweighed the

risk involved.

Willingness is a state of mind. It is being open and receptive

to possibilities. It means taking responsibility for the

situations and conditions in one’s life. When someone

possesses a committed attitude, their confidence is elevated.

You feel powerful. You feel unstoppable. You are in control.

You are willing to pursue your dream regardless of the odds.

If we lived in a perfect world and you absolutely knew we

could eliminate fear and failure, what would you be willing to

do to achieve the results you wanted?

Perhaps you’ve always wanted to pursue your hobby as a new

career. Maybe there’s a book inside your head that needs to be

written. Have you considered returning to school to increase

your skills or learn new ones? Do you have a health issue

you’ve been ignoring because the plan of action seemed


Consider how different your life could be if you were willing to take

the necessary action to change its direction. Think of what success

would feel like if you were willing to do whatever it takes to get the

results you want.

Success is a state of mind. Your willingness to change your mind

and change your life is a decision only you can make. What are you

willing to do beginning now?