Yoga and the Seeds of Inspiration

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Whether you practice alone, or teach yoga classes full of students, you are familiar with the state of inspiration you feel. Some feel that Yogic inspiration gives them guidance, in the form of a mysterious jolt of intuition, while searching for a solution to a problem. Other practitioners admit that a steady Yoga practice helps their creative thinking process.

Regardless of which form of Yoga you practice, the benefits of inspiration stay with you through the day. Yet, how much time do we take to inspire others? If we have no inspiration, there is nothing to share. If we are inspired, but fail to motivate others, we have collected positive energy without sharing it.

It costs you nothing to share positive energy with others. All you have to do is encourage those who need it most. This is not to be confused with excess or insincere praise. Each person has unique talents, which can be taken out if he or she feels worthy. Therefore, sincere encouragement might create enough energy for motivation.

Motivation is the key element of inspirational energy. One might say motivation is the spark that lights the fire of inspiration. For example: Beginners may need motivation to practice Yoga, but as they become inspired, the drive to continue practicing is perpetual. This form of ageless, and everlasting energy, can be created with encouragement and education.

You can not change the world by lecturing when it is not wanted. Each of us learns this lesson, when we raise children. Leading by example is the way parents train children. For better, or worse, the lifestyle each of us chooses can be mimicked by someone who observes our behavior.

This journey we call life is a work in progress, but all of us need a little direction at the right time. In fact, the timing of encouraging words or actions is critical. You might compare this to a teacher who leads a Hatha Yoga class. To lecture students about all that can go wrong, while practicing Downward Dog, means little if they are not practicing that exact posture at the time.

A timely physical assist, and words of encouragement, can leave positive memories in a student’;s mind forever. To advise them of possibilities that may never happen will often bore them. Much like life, Yoga has many lessons to offer at the precisely the right time.

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