You Need A Mission Statement

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Why do you need a mission statement? To paraphrase the old parable, imagine you’;re climbing a ladder in your life, higher and higher you climb, not looking down, just climbing. One day, you look down and you realize you’;ve been climbing up the right ladder, but it’;s set against the wrong house. The wrong house problem happens because you did not set your mission.

So what are some of the characterstics of a good mission statement?

  • It should be hand-written, and 3-5 sentences will do just fine. Hand writing it will help you commit it to memory, and being brief allows you to bend it as time goes by.
  • You should post it someplace you can see it regularly. I would recommend you put it on an index card and put it in your wallet or purse and pull it out repeatedly. The more often you review it, the more it will become part of you.
  • You should commit it to your memory, as it is the central theme that runs through your life.

    Looking for help? Here is a few tools that might help you build your own personal mission statement:

  • The Franklin Covey mission builder
  • Nightingale-Conant mission statement builder
  • List of Corporate Mission Statements