Your Help to Lose Weight Starting Today

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This is your help to lose weight starting today!

You want to start losing weight but have been consistently delaying it. You’;ve always said, "Tomorrow I will start to diet." However come tomorrow, you carry on with your normal routine and completely forgotten about you resolution. Does this sound familiar?

You set your resolution at the beginning of the year or during your birthday where you proudly commented to everyone that you plan to lose weight. Three months, six months passed by, and you have not done anything to start losing weight. Does this sound familiar? Stop all this now! Here are four things that can help you shed those pounds starting today!

1) Move around

You need to keep moving in order to lose some extra pounds. Find every opportunity to move around. For example, park your car a few blocks away from your office and walk there. Going for grocery marketing? Park your car further and start walking. Do a quick house work in less than less minutes. When you can move around in high intensity then you’;ll be burning more calories. This will result in helping you to lose more weight.

After you start moving and getting used to it, design a physical workout that is most interesting to you. After all, you are the one who will be doing this workout. Here is best to design the workout around what you like to do. You can take my suggestion of joining a gym where they have plenty of programs to join. Choose the program that interest you most and start to lose more weight today.

2) Get motivated

Start to write down the benefits of losing weight. Write as many as possible and do not stop until you have a minimum of ten benefits. Here are some of my suggestions on the benefits of losing weight:

a) When I lose more weight, I will decrease my risk of heart disease, diabetes and will be healthier. I do not know about you, but this is really a great motivation to kickstart your weight loss program.

b) When I become slim, I do not have to buy plus size clothes anymore which are usually more expensive. I can use the extra savings for my other expenses.

c) I will have the energy to have fun with my kids.

d) I can finally wear my favorite dress or suit again. This feels so great!

e) I can shop in normal boutique and do not have to frequent plus size shop.

3) Record foods that you consume

After writing down all the benefits of slimming, then start to record all the foods that you consume everyday. Keep recording it for 2 to 3 days and you will be surprise at the kind of foods you put in your mouth. Remember to keep your notebook handy for ease for recording.

After you have stopped taking notes of the foods you consume, analyze them and see what kind of foods that you can cut down. Know the reasons why you are consuming those unhealthy snacks. Is it because it is easily available? What if I put a healthy snack there instead of just junk food, will that change things? Can I put some fruits on the table?

4) Educate yourself

Do some research to educate yourself. You can research on topics such as healthy diets, natural way to lose weight and a great exercise program to lose weight.

This is just some of the ideas to help lose weight starting today. There are more ideas out there and you can just do some research.